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“My intention for my coaching packages and weight loss guides are to first help you understand that you are valuable right now before the success and failure.”¬†

Sara Rima, RDN

Keeping Nutrition Simple.

Meet Sara Rima, RDN

Food Science & Nutrition

California State University, Fresno Bachelor’s of Science

Dietitic Internship

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Weight Loss Expert

Experience in guiding clients to sustainable weight loss with a non-diet approach.

All Food is Good Food

Dietitian that believes ALL food can be part of a healthy balanced diet.

Sara Rima, RDN

We live in a time where nutrition “expertise” is everywhere. Living a healthy lifestyle feels complicated, restrictive, and at times, impossible. I am a firm believer that all food is good and should be celebrated. Let’s keep nutrition simple. Contact me for a FREE 15 minute consult!