Bridal Showers: Garden Brunch

Bridal showers have become a normal weekend event for me. I mentioned in a recent post that I am apart of 5 different weddings…just this year! I have had the pleasure of throwing two showers, alongside my family, so far. I thought it would be a fun addition to the blog if I shared little style tips and inspirations with you to simplify your next bridal shower! The first shower that I’m going to share with you is….

Paige’s Garden Brunch



For my cousin Paige we did a beautiful Garden Brunch at my family’s restaurant Bella Rose Bakery & Cafe. Paige is the head baker for this family run business so of course her shower had to be filled with sweet treats and delicious food! The chair that Paige and I are sitting on is from a family friend. She set up these elegant curtains with the chair just for Paige. I thought this was such a sweet idea! It gave Paige a special place to sit while she opened her presents. Since seeing this I have set up a present opening area for all of my brides-to-be.



Each table had a floral arrangement from the local flower shop with pink roses, white accents and greenery. The favors were cookies with Paige’s new initial. Each table was also given two different Italian sodas from, Whole Foods, to choose from as a non-alcoholic beverage option.






Egg, sausage, and cheese casserole

Potato Casserole

Coffee Cake

Bacon Skewers

Assorted baked goods

Fruit cups

Champagne Cake





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