Cal Poly Here I Come!

Hi friends, family and complete strangers!

I thought I would take this opportunity to express what I’m feeling as I prepare to leave for the Cal Poly Dietetic Internship program. If you know me (or just talked to me for more than 5 minutes), then you know how long I have talked about going to SLO for this program. I have always had a healthy obsession with San Luis Obispo and have always dreamed about living there. The urban culture, small town feel and beachy atmosphere has always pulled me in. It’s absolutely crazy when a dream comes true.Β  As exciting and humbling as this experience is….achieving a dream can often promote a fear response. “Will it live up to the hype?” “Will I fail or succeed?” “What if….” Dreams being fulfilled is such a vulnerable place to be. We can no longer dream but have to face a true reality. Sometimes that reality is disappointing and sometimes that reality is better than what we could have expected.

It’s so interesting when I tell people where I’m going and what I’m doing. I see the little glimmer of excitement that they have for me. I think they picture me over there living it up. But what they don’t see is that your friends don’t accompany you, your family stays at home, and the familiarity, that you once took for granted, vanishes. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t terrified. I am so afraid of the unknown. But that’s where God comes in. God has been preparing me for this new chapter all summer. I started the summer in a place of change. My life quickly become unrecognizable in less than a week. Everything I knew was taken from me and I was left with a lot of questions. But God has been so faithful and so kind to me. Although I am terrified for this new year, God has been showing me that I can’t carry the banner of victim and victory, as Lysa TerKeurst would say.

With that being said, there’s another side to achieving a dream. The exciting part that is full of hope and adventure. I have been less willing to dive into this side. God being so faithful, showing me (slowly) this side of my adventure. I’m learning to trust and walk by faith into a new season of my life. So I have created a list of goals for this new journey as well as ways that you can be praying for me. I am going to be blogging this whole year for my family and friends to be able to keep up with me and all the little details that I will fail to relay over the phone. I will also be blogging for all of you RD2Bs that are interested in Cal Poly or are just looking into internships in general.


  1. I hope to mature in my faith and my attitude.
  2. Learn how to be a well-rounded RDN who is able to connect with patients.
  3. Collect resources and tricks for my future patients.
  4. Meet new people and try new things.
  5. Learn how to be a Christian in a work place environment.
  6. Hike all of the peaks!


  1. Pray that I can represent Christ well in my school work and rotations.
  2. Pray that I meet life-long friends.
  3. Pray that I can maintain my relationships back home while still being connected in SLO.
  4. Pray that I find a church that I can be apart of.
  5. Pray that God will take my mind off of myself and be able to meet the needs of those that I come in contact with.
  6. Pray that I enjoy myself and grow academically, professionally and spiritually.

Thank you so much for your support! Keep checking back for updates!

Go Mustangs!



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