Bridal Shower: Clubhouse Brunch

The second bridal shower that I was involved in this year was for my new cousin, Robyn! You have all been introduced to her in one of my recent “Thoughts” post when I shared her beautiful wedding photos. For Robyn’s shower we used similar ideas from Paige’s with more of a Robyn touch! Since we were throwing a June bridal shower in the Valley, we couldn’t utilize Bella Rose’s beautiful gazebo. Instead, we held it at the clubhouse in my parent’s housing complex.

For this shower we used a lot of target dollar section finds! The “cheers” and “Love” balloon signs were $5 at Target. I found them earlier in the year and was itching to use them! My Aunt Paula walked outside and cut some leaves and flowers from some nearby trees to add a little bit of color to the sign. The champagne glasses were actually from dollar tree! If you ever need to rent or purchase plain glassware make sure you check Dollar Tree online where you can purchase things in bulk! You can even find chargers on there! IMG_4550

The clubhouse was not as elegant looking as you might think! It has a pool table, leather couch, and a built-in bookshelf. We did a little redecorating for the event to make it more bridal. We took the shuffleboard trophies off the bookshelf and replaced them with pictures of Parker and Robyn, vintage books, a sign-in recipe box, and candles. We added some fluffy pillows and a pink blanket to the leather couch, and threw a table cloth over the pool table flipping it into a food table.


The beautiful curtains were hung with a pool sweep pole….I know, I know! How red-neck can you get! But with a little bit of tool and greenery covering it, it goes unnoticed.



Egg and Cheese Casserole

Tater-Tot Casserole

Bacon Skewers

Waffle Bar

Dessert Bar

(Complete with the beautiful cake shown below, macaroons, wedding dress cookies, cream puffs, and much more!)





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