RD2B: Orientation Week

I have finished my first week of the Dietetic Internship at Cal Poly. I have decided to write a post about my orientation week for two different audiences. 1) My friends and family back home 2) You RD2Bs interested in Cal Poly. So here is a little overview of my first week as a DI intern!

1.) Friends and Family

This week has been filled with challenges and victories. It is starting to become real that I have moved to a new town and no longer have the immediate support of the system that has stood next to me throughout undergrad. The first few days were extremely difficult and tested my faith in my ability to handle the next ten months. Yet during those incredibly lonely and overwhelming times God came in and reminded me that, although I might not have to ability to handle what comes my way, He absolutely does. His strength has been so sufficient for me and so overwhelmingly sweet in my times of confusion. It’s interesting, when a dream is fulfilled, fear and anxiety try to take root. It whispers lies about your capabilities, worthiness, and comfort. I have already experienced so much growth and maturity just from this first week here and I can’t wait to see what the end result is going to be. I was reminded this weekend, at a women’s retreat, that I am exactly where God wants me to be. My assignment is Cal Poly. Although everything within me craves comfort and familiarity, there is a greater part that loves the adventure and vulnerability that is required to trust God in this season.

This week wasn’t just filled with existential crises, (so don’t worry) it was also filled with lots of fun new experiences. I have added a few pictures from orientation, hikes, dinners, and the Downtown SLO Farmer’s Market to give you an idea of how incredible God has been in the people that He has placed in my new journey and how much fun I am having (when I’m not trying to figure out how to be an adult.)

These are my amazing roommates getting ready to go to the Farmer’s Market on Thursday night!
The beautiful Pismo Beach after Joyce had her first taste of Splash Clam Chowder
Some of use interns hiking around Architecture Grace Yard on Cal Poly’s Campus
Late Night SloDoCo Donuts
Intern Dinner the night before we started classes.
Enjoying Sunset on Beautiful Pismo Beach


2.) RD2Bs

After much anticipation…I am officially a Cal Poly student. This past week I was oriented to the campus, program, and preceptors that I will be interacting with. The week flew by and yet felt like I had been living here for three weeks. So many new experiences and faces were packed into 4 days that it was a bit overwhelming. The beautiful thing that I am learning about my DI program is that it is well organized and thoughtful. My director, Kati, provided such caring consistency throughout the entire orientation process. I am a very organized student which means I need structure and organization in my courses. Kati is one of the most organized professor’s I have ever had! She made sure each of us was aware of the schedule and topics that would be discussed. On top of her organization skills, she was extremely caring and genuinely curious about our needs and goals in the program. Gratitude and self-reflection is very important to Kati, which shines through in her internship. Many of our assignments included reflecting on who we are, our values, our goals, and our vulnerabilities. Kati had us read The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. It is such an incredible book for those of you who need to dig deeper and find out who you are and what barriers have been created to stop you from living it out, wholeheartedly. With the support and knowledge that I received from Kati, I know that this internship will be a life changing process.

2018 Cal Poly, SLO Dietetic Internship Class

Not only was Kati concerned with our emotional state, but she set up various opportunities to ready us for our rotations. We were able to have a “speed dating” session with about 15 preceptors. We were able to spend time asking them questions about the rotations and what they are looking for in an intern. They even asked us questions about how they can better serve us as future dietitians. The following day we met at a local hospital for a presentation by two dietitians to enhance our understanding of clinical rotations. The two RDs walked through seeing the whole patient and how you walk through the nutrition care process and prioritize which patients need immediate attention. Both of these activities were extremely helpful for me as an intern and I don’t know if I would have received such a thoughtful orientation week elsewhere. I cannot recommend Cal Poly’s DI program enough!

Ways to Pray For Me This Week:

This week I ask that you would be praying for me about the following:

  • Boldness to represent Christ in the classroom and rotations.
  • Favor and Knowledge during my first clinical rotations.
  • Peace and a desire to be alone with Jesus during the week.
  • To have a teachable spirit in my rotations and in my walk with Christ.

Goals for the Week:

  • Learn tube feeding and nutrition support calculations.
  • Get acclimated to the hospital that I will be rotating through.
  • Demonstrate respect and gratitude toward my preceptors.
  • Confidence in my abilities.



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