Bridal Shower: Tea Party

This past weekend I had the pleasure of throwing a bridal shower for my beautiful cousin Katelyn! Katelyn and I are three weeks apart and have been best friends since birth. There are not enough words to describe my relationship with Katelyn and the life that her friendship brings to me. The best part about weddings are the events that you get to be apart of to demonstrate your love for the people getting married. Since Katelyn is the David to my Jonathan I wanted to make sure that this shower was perfect! I threw the shower with my co-maid-of-honor and cousin, Alyssa, along with the help of our aunts.


The party theme was “Brunch and Tea with the Bride to Be.” Katelyn has always loved tea! I thought a tea party would be the perfect way to celebrate this beauty!



The tea party was located in my grandma’s backyard. Now this isn’t your typical “grandma backyard.” You won’t find the tire swing or chicken coops in my grandma’s backyard. What you will find is a gorgeous waterfall and beautiful landscape.


This is my favorite part of bridal showers! I LOVE DECORATING! For Katie’s shower I wanted it to be a little on the vintage side to match her taste. So we added a vintage chair for Katelyn to open her gifts in, a side table to hold her gifts, vintage cake stands, and a different china pattern on each table.








The menu for this brunch is very similar to the other two showers that I have thrown this year. I mean if it isn’t broken….why fix it?


Over-night egg casserole

Hash brown casserole

French Toast Casserole

Fruit Platter

Champagne Cake


For the games I used two different game cards from Target’s wedding dollar section. These games were life savers! Make sure that you check out Target’s dollar section in the spring for some AMAZING deals on wedding items! The second game was Bridal BingoΒ which I have included on here. It’s a free printable! Have your participants fill out what they think that bride is going to get. Then when the bride is opening her gifts you can yell out what she got and have the guests play bingo.


Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 9.47.58 AM.png

It was an incredible day of celebration and I loved every second of it! Hope these ideas and activities make your wedding planning a little simpler. Happy wedding planning!


Black & White Minimal Recipe Photo Pinterest Graphic (1).png




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