Portfolio Addition

I am very excited to be adding a new portion my by blog. Part of the dietetic internship curriculum is creating a professional portfolio that includes evaluations, projects, etc. Part of my future profession will include growing this blog and providing resources to my fellow RD2Bs. With this in mind, I thought it would be beneficial for my readers to have a centralized location that showcased more than just my recipes. And I thought it would be unique for my future employers to see more than just my resume but to demonstrate the skill set that I have developed through my years as an undergraduate student, and now as a dietetic intern. Throughout the year I will be adding various parts of my rotations. This portfolio will hold clinical, community and food service projects and evaluations. I hope to demonstrate my ability as a nutrition professional through this platform, while also providing additional resources to those that are looking into a dietetic internship. Feel free to contact me through thatΒ ContactΒ page, if you find that you have any questions.

A passion of mine has always been teaching. As much as I have tried to run away from that profession, it always finds me. I have found such joy in mentoring fellow RD2Bs and helping them through this process. This blog is designed to make your lives simpler and I truly believe that this new section will contribute to that goal.



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