My DICAS Application

Today I got to sit on my balcony, enjoying some conversation with my roommate along with her pillage of goodies from her catering job. Our conversation varied from the beautiful SLO weather to our experience applying for the dietetic internship. We both realized that this time last year we were preparing for the dreaded DICAS application. Oh mama, is that thing a beast. We reminisced on Cal Poly’s virtual open house and the many fill-ins of the application process. Looking back at that time in life I remember feeling so uncertain about where I wanted to be next year and what opportunities I would be offered. Now, I find myself sitting at my kitchen table in San Luis Obispo, CA living this intern life that I dreamt about for years.

I wanted to write the first of many DICAS help blog posts today to get you ready for the process. The application isn’t due until February but I wanted to offer some basic tips that helped me through the beginning portions of the application process. As you make your DICAS log in and look at all of the empty white boxes, you can often feel very overwhelmed. There’s always a fear of forgetting something, a personal statement being uploaded improperly, or a letter of recommendation not being sent. But don’t worry! Trust in the fact that you have made it this far and thousands of people have completed this application.

Below I have provided a quick timeline to get you thinking about your DICAS application. This timeline might not work for everyone but this is just an example of what it might look like. Word to the wise; DO NOT WAIT TO THE LAST MINUTE!

Simple Red Wine Timeline - Infographic.jpg




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