Kale Caesar Salad

There’s a local cafe that serves one of the most incredible salads I have ever had! After trying it I knew I needed to make a copy cat version at home. Although it will never match the savory flavors of this cafe’s salad, I knew others would love the flavor combination.

The kale caesar salad includes sautéed cauliflower, parmesan cheese, kale, croutons and chicken. The cauliflower and kale are truly what brings this classic up a notch! Kale isn’t a fan favorite but if you tend to it correctly it can be a great addition to meals.

Before adding Kale to your salads add a small amount of lemon or lime juice. With you hands break down and massage the kale. The acid from the lemon/lime juice and the mechanical movement of your hands will break down the outer membrane of the kale that gives it that bitter flavor.


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