Weight DOES NOT Determine Value

By: Sara Rima, RDN

I have debated whether I should call myself a “weight loss expert” or not. This label says that weight loss is my desired outcome for my clients. I wanted to make it very clear to my clients and followers why I decided to carry this label if I truly believe that weight is NOT a determinant of value. So if I don’t believe that weight is a marker of worth why did I become a “weight loss expert?”

Let’s Talk about Carbs

By: Sara Rima, RDN

Carbs vs weight loss…the classic debate. I continually find myself advocating for people to keep carbohydrates in their diet. The rapid weight loss that people experience with eliminating carb-rich foods often prevents them from believing the experts. So if people are seeing results with cutting out carbs, why do I encourage carbohydrate intake?

Carbs…Good or Bad?

By: Sara Rima, RDN

Carbs have been portrayed as the enemy to weight loss in recent years. Many think that their presence in a diet will wreak havoc on their weight goals. I have great news for my bread loving people! Carbs are friends and food!  I invite you to take a moment to allow me to educate you on what carbohydrates are, what foods fall into this category, and how they can actually be part of a healthy balanced diet.

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