Carbs, Good or Bad?

Carbs have been portrayed as the enemy to weight loss in recent years. Many think that their presence in a diet will wreak havoc on their weight goals. I have great news for my bread loving people! Carbs are friends and food!  I invite you to take a moment to allow…

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Let’s Talk about Carbs

Carbs vs weight loss…the classic debate. I continually find myself advocating for people to keep carbohydrates in their diet. The rapid weight loss that people experience with eliminating carb-rich foods often prevents them from believing the experts. So if people are seeing results with cutting out carbs, why do I encourage…

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Weight DOES NOT Determine Value

This wasn’t a scheduled blog post on my calendar. In fact it was just the text on an inspirational infographic that I was going to post. As I began writing out the caption I realized that I’m advertising as a “weight loss expert.” See, I have debated whether I should call…

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Let’s talk about PROTEIN

Let’s talk about PROTEIN By: Sarena Candelaria, NDTR Protein has become an abundantly popular nutrient in the health realm over the years. Protein shakes, protein cake, protein balls, donuts, pancakes, oatmeal… protein is advertised everywhere we look. Is protein really the focus of a healthy diet? What even is protein, and…

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About Me

We live in a time where nutrition “expertise” is everywhere. Living a healthy lifestyle feels complicated, restrictive, and at times, impossible. I am a firm believer that all food is good and should be celebrated. Let’s keep nutrition simple. Contact me for a FREE 15 minute consult!

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