Food Service Management

Welcome to my Food Service Management Portfolio. For the past eight weeks I spent the majority of my time at French Hospital in San Luis Obispo. This is a small 100 bed hospital that is ran by Dignity Health. This rotation opened my eyes to a lot of personal and professional goals and aspirations that I didn’t know were there… or I was ignoring. My confidence was built and my desire to achieve greatly increase during this rotation. I left everyday feeling productive and accomplished; whether the day was good or bad. Food Service Management struck a chord in me that other rotations have yet to touch. I realized the my 3 Achiever Personality (if you are an Enneagram follower) soared during this rotation. I recognized that I am built for a management position. I have often disregarded these feelings because I feared that I was being prideful but after completing this rotation I have accepted a strength that I have and refuse to hide my God-given ability to lead. I admit this in humility, but I cannot imagine myself in a position outside of management.

Food Service Management allowed me to exercise my comfort of being in a kitchen a pull me out of my comfort zone by independently completing tasks in a facility I knew very little about. The following are projects that I have completed along with evaluations from my preceptor and reflections of my own.

Mid-Rotation & End of Rotation Evaluation

Sustainability Project

Menu Analysis Project

Equipment Proposal

Marketing Project

Food Safety Project