MVME Wellness

Welcome to my MVME Wellness Portfolio!

For my readers, who do not know what MVME Wellness is, I want to give you a quick catch up! MVME Wellness is a corporate wellness contracting company that is hired by companies all over the United States to provide employee wellness campaigns, challenges, and resources. I had the pleasure of working with the owner of the company during one of my community rotations. I spent one month working on projects that went directly to the customers. It was a great opportunity to work in the private sector rather than government funded programs. Although not all community based programs are government funded, I personally have not had the pleasure of working with a private company before this opportunity. The following are materials, webinars and promotional campaigns that I created for the company.

Wellness Promotion Project

During my community rotations I am required to complete specific projects that meet my dietetic competencies. The wellness promotion project must be a multi-facet project with many moving parts. My wellness promotion is a set of materials for the company’s second quarter which is on habit formation in nutrition. I came into the company at the beginning of the year which allowed me to be part of both the first and second quarter. Feel free to take a look at the materials. I do ask that these materials not be downloaded and distributed out of respect for the company.

The project included a webinar, a sugar free challenge inside the wellness portal, challenge promotion materials, and supplemental materials. You’ll see on the webinar that my fellow intern, Rachelle, makes an appearance (per request of Julian.) The promotional materials will have a few blanks and empty quotation marks. Each flyer is branded differently depending on the company that it is going to. These empty portions are where the company’s name or logo goes.

After the webinar, I provided participants with these two supplemental materials. They are to help the participants during the challenge.

One aspect of the project that you will not be able to see is the wellness portal. Companies that go through MVME Wellness will have access to a wellness portal that has an extensive health assessment, challenges, promotions and incentives. Unfortunately, I cannot show or give access to this portal but I did provide the questions and reminders that will be sent to the participants in the portal. These questions are how the system will keep track of who is completing the challenges. I had the opportunity to work in the portal and create a challenge, complete with badges, milestones, and achievements. The portal is an incredible aspect for employees and it was a great experience to be able to work in the portal.

Education Material

Part of the Education Material project included creating a needs assessment and collecting data from it to produce the education material. I was not able to create an assessment and distribute it myself due to the nature of the client relationship. Julian did provide me with an extensive Health Risk Assessment that all participating employees will complete. The education material that I created is based off of the information found in the health risk assessment. I have included the specific statistics that I based my project off of, below.


As part of the community rotation criteria, I hosted counseling sessions with various clients. Julian, my preceptor, is not a registered dietitian but he is a licensed marriage and family therapist. His counseling sessions specialize in health behavior, which allowed me to come in as the “nutritionist” and offer additional advice. During my time at MVME I was able to participate in two face-to-face counseling sessions, as well as conduct a handful of over the phone wellness coaching sessions. One of the counseling sessions was with a 17 year old high school athlete. He was seeing Julian for various purposes but requested to speak with me because he was concerned that he was not getting enough calories to maintain weight. I have included the materials that I created for use during my counseling sessions with him.

I have also included a self-evaluation of my counseling skills, as well as an evaluation from my preceptor.

Additional Tasks

This rotation allowed me to use a lot of creative skills that I have not been able to utilize in the clinical setting. There are challenges that come with a creative position. During a creative process, there will be a lot of unfinished or unneeded pieces of projects. The first week at MVME wellness was a challenge. I didn’t feel like I was fully understanding what was expected of me as an intern both professionally and in the creative realm as well. Although the following pieces were not used by the company I still thought it would be beneficial to show all of the materials that I created during this rotation. It’s good for you RD2Bs to know that even if your work doesn’t make the cut, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t good work. Sometimes the direction that we are going doesn’t match the direction of our preceptor. And guess what….that’s okay! Feel free to download and use any of the following materials. I have even included some unfinished pieces to show all of the different moving parts that happen during rotations like this.

Part of the corporate wellness program is providing a health assessment to the employees participating in the program. The health assessment gives various data about exercise, sleep, nutrition, and general health. The assessment results showed that heart disease, osteoporosis, and weight loss were some of the main concerns of the employees. Diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure were also among these concerns. There were a few days that I finished my work early and needed additional projects. Julian was not available to create new projects for me so I created my own based off of the health assessment. The infographics are the product of that assessment analysis.

This piece was my first draft of the “Sugar Freedom” challenge. It wasn’t what my preceptor was looking for so I tried again!

This flyer was created due to a misunderstanding. I thought my preceptor was requesting a hydration challenge because he had sent me multiple hydration challenge flyers from previous years. After creating this flyer I discovered that he was just sending me examples of past challenges. Misunderstandings happen in rotations like this. That’s still okay! It teaches you to communicate!

During my first week at MVME Wellness my preceptor was discussing a book that he read on habit formation. The book discussed ways to streamline your day and make you a more efficient person. My preceptor had discussed wanting a material that would have different recipes with the same ingredients to help with this “streamline your day” theme. I created this hand out with that idea in mind. Unfortunately, this is not the direction that he decided to go. Even though this wasn’t used it is still one of my personal favorites!

Remaining in the mindset of streamlining your day, I created a meal planning guide. Again, this was not used but it did spark other ideas for the materials that were utilized.

The next presentation was a skeleton of a presentation. I was asked to create an outline of a webinar with research that I found on habit formation. Although my preceptor took over and I was not able to create the rest of the presentation I was really excited that the research that I found was in his presentation. I decided to include this piece to encourage you future interns. Sometimes your preceptors will give you tasks knowing that they are not meant to be finished and us type A beauties have to come to terms with unfinished tasks being okay!

My final project for MVME wellness was a presentation called “Food for Thought.” Although I was not able to turn it into a webinar or present it myself, I did enjoy the research that went into creating the presentation. The presentation discusses the link between cognitive disorders and the food that we eat. Feel free to utilize this presentation for educational purposes. The site would not let me upload the PDF version of the presentation so these are the photos of the slides.

Thank you very much for looking through the portfolio. I decided to include all of the projects and materials that I created during my time at MVME Wellness because I felt that I produced a variety of creative and evidence-based materials that could be beneficial to others in the nutrition field. I am looking forward to my next rotation and hope that my future RD2Bs found this portfolio helpful!