Project Teen Health

During the month of April, I had the pleasure of working with Project Teen Health (PTH.) PTH, an entity of Community Action Partners, provided me with the opportunity of working inside local Central Coast high schools educating students on nutrition and physical activity. This program allows health educators to coach students in an individual and group basis. Below are the projects that I have compiled during my time at PTH.

Wellness Promotion Project

The wellness promotion project that I created was a 21 day challenge called Take Five. It is going to be released on the PTH instagram page starting in May. The challenge includes instagram stories of 5 ingredients or less recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack, 5 daily exercise moves, and a 5 minutes mental health pause. I have included the 21 days below.

Education Material

The second project that I completed was an education material for PTH. This is based on the needs assessment results that I have included below. You’ll find that the education material is very simple and straight forward. Not every school will have access to a color printer so I created the material with that in mind.


The first presentation that I completed at Project Teen Health was a staff training on motivational interviewing. The health coaches at PTH have some public health or kinesiology training but none of them are RDs or nutritionist. They have had some education on motivational interviewing and some have had no formula training on MI. After watching the coaches I decided with my preceptor that this would be a really informative and helpful training for the staff. Since I only had 45 minutes with them and some had already undergone motivational interviewing training I wanted to go more in-depth on two of my personal MI favorites. You’ll see in the presentation and in my notes that I focused primarily on unconditional positive regard and behavior change based on values.

The second presentation that I gave was at one of the Project Teen Health Clubs at Arroyo Grande High School. I wanted to provide a space that was both educational and open for discussion. The presentation includes some statistics, recommendations and discussion points/questions.

End of Rotation Evaluation