Paint Nite

Bachelorette parties are one of my favorite parts of weddings. They are a chance to be in an intimate setting with your bride-to-be doing things that represent the bride’s personality and interests. Some of the most fun parties that I have had the pleasure of being part of have included interactive activities. This October, when my cousin Katelyn suggested a paint night theme for her party, I jumped at the idea. My cousin Alyssa (and my co-maid of honor) is a high school art teacher and ooozing with talent! Katelyn provided a few ideas for the picture and Alyssa and I ran with it.


The color scheme for Katelyn’s wedding with the rich blue that you see and gold. I tried to stick with those colors so she could utilize things for her wedding if she liked one of the decorations. Your brides will appreciate this! I also wanted to add in some fall aspects since it was a November wedding. 
The gorgeous blue glasses that you see are from dollar tree! I know, I know dollar tree is the best! You can even order in bulk online! 
I also added some candles and wood to add to the fall feel. Plus adding inside elements to an outside space makes everything feel a little bit more homey and warm. 

The decor for this party was inspired by the outside venue and wedding colors. Katelyn is a country girl at heart but has a classy feel to her style. I wanted to include both Katelyn’s country and glamour. So in these pictures you will see golds and burlap next to each other; a best of both worlds for this beauty.

Food & Drinks 

For the bride-to-be, we knew that she wasn’t one for alcoholic beverages but we still wanted her to have a fun drink in her champagne glass. I went to trader joes and bought their sparkling juices in apple, clementine and pomegranate…and let me tell you! These drinks are incredible! These are perfect for any special occasion!

For dinner we serve Italian food; meat sauce, Alfredo sauce, noodles, salad, and garlic bread. We felt like this was the easiest food for a big group and went along perfectly with out paint night theme. For dessert we kept it light with fruit and dip and chocolate  chip cookies.



For the activities we obviously hosted a paint night. But we also played a few fun bachelorette party games! One of my personal favorites is to have everyone bring the bride a piece of new underwear (you can never have to many) wrapped as a gift. The bride then has to guess which guest brought the underwear. If she guesses incorrectly then she has to put the underwear on over her clothes and if she guesses correctly then she is free from the humiliation.

Shopping List 

Paint Night.png